Online Game

With the reduced market demand for arcade games & the high cost of newer consoles, a new segment emerged. This was the handheld games market. The development in LCD & LEDs fuelled this parallel segment. The predecessors of today’s handheld gaming device include the PlayStation Portable, the Nintendo Revolution among others.

Improving LCD technology meant that the new handhelds were more reliable & consumed lesser battery power than LED games. Online gaming finds its roots in the bulletin board systems of yore. BBSes then had crude text-entry interfaces. However, the fact that people were connected to each other using the BBSes meant that multi-player gaming was a possibility. Because of the obvious limitations, most games on BBSes were text-based games or popular gambling games. The most natural progression for these games played on the bulletin board systems was online gaming and has today spawned a number of online gaming concepts such as MMORPG.

Internet gaming took off only after first person shooters came into vogue. Games such as Quake could be played over the internet (or any other network) & this increased the popularity of these games as well as other online multiplayer games. Multiplayer capability is now the norm in all FPS & RTS games. Online gaming also includes a genre called simply ’Internet Games ’.



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